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Formularies from P&T to point of care

MMIT brings transparency and guidance to pharmacy and medical benefit information. Payers, pharmaceutical companies, providers and pharmacies use our data and workflow app to provide clarity from P&T to the point of care, ensuring consistent managed care decisions across the healthcare market.


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Manage and Publish with Confidence

MMIT offers flexible formulary management software tailored for the needs of health plans and PBMs. Our web-based application supports all lines of business through extensive workflow and guidance functions as well as with multiple publishing mechanisms. We also provide a business logic layer to streamline synchronization across all major drug list providers.

The Most Comprehensive Formulary Data

MMIT offers the most robust formulary data set available, spanning all drugs, channels, states, CBSAs and counties, and extending back over a decade. Monthly we monitor status and restriction changes for over 98% of covered lives. These updates flow daily to clients via intuitive analytic and marketing apps as well as APIs and data feeds. Our solutions identify meaningful shifts in coverage, support account management and brand teams, and facilitate informed contracting and promotional strategies.

Instant Access to Formulary Status and Restrictions

Formulary Search makes sense of managed care by providing complete and accurate coverage information. MMIT's native iOS app provides – for free – the most comprehensive formulary and restriction data set in the industry. Quickly hone in on your drug, country, and/or plan to get timely and relevant access to the MMIT network.