MMIT Integrates FormTrak Market Access Tool with Veeva CRM


MMIT’s FormTrak solution allows pharma companies to keep providers updated with real-time, accurate data about coverage for their brands — a critical step in ensuring a therapy gets to patients who need it. Now it’s even easier to communicate new coverage wins to healthcare providers, with FormTrak’s native integration with Veeva CRM.

Field reps now can access FormTrak, MMIT’s dynamic promotional platform that connects comprehensive formulary and medical policy information to promotional templates, seamlessly within Veeva, the industry leading CRM application for pharma manufacturers.

The native integration allows field teams to:

  • Leverage existing configurations,
  • Use the tool in emails, video meetings and more,
  • Access content in offline mode, and
  • Track performance across templates to see what’s resonating with HCPs — all without any disruption to the Veeva rep workflow.

MMIT caught up with some early adopters that have already started using MMIT’s FormTrak integration with Veeva CRM. Among their reviews:

  • “The FormTrak integration in Veeva is a one-stop shop for our field team.”
  • “MMIT’s integration in Veeva CRM allows the field team to deliver the same message and real-time information to the practice or office manager, customized to them based on territory.”
  • “The fact that we now have access to all of these Veeva metrics and dashboards means that our leadership team can see how often reps are using this content in Veeva Engage, Approved Email, etc.”

For more information about FormTrak’s market access integration with Veeva CRM, visit

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