PULSE Analytics Shines Spotlight on Clinical Pathways

PULSE Analytics, offered by MMIT partner The Dedham Group, equips market access teams with the tools to better understand the organizational structure, control, and influence of health systems and integrated delivery networks (IDNs).

The solution provides a complete picture of brand and indication-specific pathways, as well as recommendations to improve a drug’s access position and details on key influencers. It has detailed IDN, payer and third-party pathway positioning and restrictions for over 300 brands within 69 oncology indications.

PULSE Analytics has two modules:

  • Provider Analytics, which includes clinical pathway information for IDNs that create and maintain their own pathways. The tool will help users identify internal pathway protocols and key affiliations, and establish a clear view of decision-makers and how to influence in a particular space.

  • Pathways Analytics, which comprises data on third parties that develop pathways for IDNs and payers. It helps map utilization to key accounts and prioritize outreach to ensure optimal pathway placement for brands.

The solution answers a variety of questions that pharma companies may have about clinical pathways, including:

  • How is my product performing compared to competitors at key accounts?
  • What clinical pathway is being used? Is it consistent with my label?
  • Who develops and influences the placement on pathways?
  • Which providers have my drug on pathways that are more restrictive than label?
  • How are my target IDNs organized for decisions on drug access and utilization?
  • Who are the key influencers for each tumor type with whom my team should engage?

When PULSE Analytics is paired with MMIT’s Analytics solution, pharma companies can get a complete picture of oncology coverage, from how a therapy is placed on a pathway to coverage, policy and restrictions data for insurers.

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