Tracking Coverage Uptake With MMIT’s Dynamic Tools

In the product launch phase, pharmaceutical manufacturers are under pressure to commercialize quickly and deliver early revenue growth. Establishing early, competitive access to payers and PBMs is crucial to meeting this challenge, and MMIT Landscape uniquely addresses these needs.

The month-to-month coverage change dashboard in Landscape provides a bird’s eye view of access changes for specific products and indications, providing users with the weekly cadence they need to inform their leadership and investors of launch performance.

Landscape offers the following features in the monthly dashboard:

  • Weekly coverage changes compared to the previous week;
  • Week-over-week coverage change analysis;
  • Changes to covered (or better) lives;
  • Geographic heat map displaying coverage status by geography;
  • Table grid with controller formulary info.

When performing a change analysis, users can select and compare up to any four weeks to see the progression of their selected drug’s coverage. Landscape can also display weekly progressions of user-selected coverage statuses (or client-configured statuses), which give users the option to dive deeper into utilization management restriction types, such as step therapy through oral-only or injectable-only drugs.

MMIT’s products are designed to address key business questions during all phases of drug launch, from understanding how market access changes will impact business, to projecting payer and PBM responses to launches and identifying payer contracting opportunities by line of business and territory. To learn more about how MMIT can support your drug launch, please reach out to MMIT’s sales team.

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AIS Health Staff

AIS Health Staff

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