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Understanding market access is hard. Tracking shifts in coverage and payer policies for your brand and competitive brands is even harder. MMIT Analytics delivers comprehensive formulary, medical policy and restriction information and the software tools to put that analysis to work for your brand. Whether you are launching a product or managing an established brand in your disease area, understanding market access and payer coverage is critical.

  • Anticipate shifts in market share by analyzing historical trends
  • Predict payer and PBM responses to new drug launches
  • Validate changes in payer policies and understand the impact to your brand’s market position

Yes, I want to simplify patient access across pharmacy and medical benefits!

See How Analytics Can Help You

See How Analytics Can Help You

How can I drill into the granular data I need to uncover key market access insights for your brand?

  • Compare month over month access relative to coverage, ST and PA
  • Drill down to why changes were made (Status, Plan Removal and Lives Shift)
  • Validate changes with payer source documentation
  • Create a territory breakdown aligning payer coverage with utilization

How can I track market access changes impacting payer coverage?

Our technology enables you to track market access changes impacting payer coverage and analyze access advantages and disadvantages for brand against competitors.

How can I enable my sales leadership to guide my field team on local coverage?

Access plan level details to ensure your brand is where it needs to be for pull-through.

How can I properly explore payer to PBM relationships?

A “controller” – i.e. a MCO, government agency, or PBM, is assigned to each formulary to provide visibility into who is responsible for deciding how each drug will be covered.

Analytics gives you the ability to disseminate data by Controller, MCO or PBM – so you can properly explore payer to PBM relationships.

How can I have a full view of a drug’s coverage and PAR information?

Analytics empowers your team with instant coverage views and access data for your brand and any of its competitors.

Closely track policy requirements, share critical data, and present analyses without worrying about a time crunch.

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