Kim Smigiel is just a few months into her new role as a client success associate — but she’s not new to MMIT. Smigiel started her career at MMIT 16 years ago on the operations team, working as a data entry technician. She has since been promoted to many other operations roles, and most recently advanced into managing our Keystone clients.

What are Keystone clients?

Keystone clients are typically smaller pharma companies that mainly have one or two brand products in their business portfolio. They tend to only license a small subset of MMIT solutions.

Tell us about some of those solutions.

The two most popular solutions we offer are Analytics and FormTrak. Analytics, the most popular offering, provides our clients with market access information. It has all of our formulary and PAR (policy and restriction) data. Clients can quickly go in and see how their drug is covered, and compare their coverage to competitors. The FormTrak tool is used to promote their brands. The clients’ field sales teams use it to create promotional cards about their products to leave in providers’ offices or send them via email.

What is your work day usually like?

Since I am new to this role, I am meeting my clients and working on understanding their business needs and learning how to better align those needs with MMIT’s solutions. I’m answering their data questions and assisting with access to our tools. I also help my clients understand how we collect our data. I’m here as their main point of contact to help them navigate their day and address any inquiries they may have.

Which departments do you work with regularly?

I interact with a lot of different groups across MMIT. I work with the data operations team if I need assistance with some of the data, and I also work with the client care team to assist with resolutions for inquiries they receive. Then I work closely with sales to ensure clients’ needs are being met. I work everywhere because I’m trying to solve clients’ questions, and I go wherever I need to go to get the answers.

In your own words, what does MMIT do?

We help our clients see how their drugs are covered, provide that market analysis, and ease that access to care. There are so many drugs out there, and so many different types of coverage, and we try to standardize it so it makes sense to everyone.

What are some challenges in the industry that MMIT is in an unique position to help with?

Drug coverage is complicated. Reading some of these policies for something like prior authorization is confusing and complicated, and could be interpreted in so many different ways. Having knowledge of formulary coverage and being able to help our clients understand it puts MMIT in a great place. Our clients value MMIT’s ability to provide all of this information in a platform that puts it into a universal language. MMIT is known for its data and accuracy, and I think that’s what helps us be successful.

What’s been one of your biggest wins so far in the new role?

Whenever there’s been a need for something new for MMIT to explore, I’ve been the person tasked with getting a new group started. That trust and my work ethic is something I pride myself on. And the company has seen that and recognized that.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I like that every day is different. There’s always a new question or a new challenge that comes up.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I am married, and I have two daughters. We like to hike and go camping, and both our girls are involved in Girl Scouts so I am heavily involved with that.