Communication Program

Engage Thousands of Key Payers with Pricing and Coding Updates

The complexity of the medical billing and coding in U.S. healthcare system leads to an excessive number of errors from both HCPs and payers.
By partnering with MMIT and RJ Health, your team can deliver custom messaging directly to various healthcare organizations informing them of upcoming updates to your brand.

Use the Communication Program to:

  • Reduce denials through clear messaging on product pricing, coding or reimbursement updates.
  • Manage competitive pricing trends and how this intersects with product access in your landscape.
  • Ensure timely and appropriate reimbursement for HCPCS and CPT coded products.

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“Having a very professional communication sent out by a recognized and respected company like RJ Health helped build credibility among our customers. The RJ Health communication was a means of opening doors.”

Vice President of Market Access