Precision Medicine for Health Plans

Under the medical benefit the coding system, known as HCPCS, is in constant state of flux as new drugs come to market and codes are adjusted for better alignment. Understanding these shifts and the process by which drugs are assigned to new codes assists in ensuring the appropriate coding and pricing of claims.

In this webinar, Todd will:

1. Review the complexity associated with code creation and migration for drug HCPCS codes.

2. Explain the CMS process for HCPCS code creation, the timeline by which codes can be expected to be created, and the factors taken into consideration during the code creation process.

3. Discuss the factors that need to considered and the process by which drugs are assigned to specific codes.

4. Overview the new codes being implemented on January 1, 2017 and the drugs which align with them.


Presented by:

Todd Cooperman, PharmD, MBA, RPh
Senior Vice President, Clinical Insight and Analytics
RJ Health


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