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IDN Solutions:

Unparalleled Visibility into IDN Decision-Making & Brand Perception

As IDNs continue to integrate into the healthcare landscape and become more sophisticated as care delivery shifts from fee-for-service to fee-for-value, there’s an increasing spotlight on these organizations. Manufacturers are investing time, money and resources on understanding IDN strategies and approaches.

IDN Insights provides unparalleled visibility into health system formularies, decision-making and contracting to enable superior market performance with these complex stakeholders. Please enter your information on the left to learn more about how you can take advantage of our IDN solutions

Client Use Case #1: IDN Segmentation & Account Targeting

How do I identify IDNs that are:
  • being targeted by competitors?
  • willing to directly contract with manufacturers?
  • about to implement formulary and management changes?

Client Use Case #2: Strategy Development & Messaging Alignment

How do I develop my IDN strategy? 
  • Determine the IDNs who are managing your category
  • Refine your message strategy to maximize IDN reception
  • Identify high centralized IDNs to optimize resources

Client Use Case #3: Competitive Intelligence & Positioning

How do I find out what my direct competitors are talking about with IDNs?
  • Access real-time monitoring of your competitors’ pharma/IDN interactions and contracting offers
  • Identify key IDNs targeted by your competitors to refine your call list
  • Learn about programs being offered by pharma and how IDNs are responding
IDN Message Monitor:
  • Uncover IDN perception during your drug’s launch or a competitor’s launch
  • Synthesize survey results to map to your key IDN account targets
  • Uncover why IDNs may or may not accept contract offers

IDN Formulary Insights:
  • Data mined from pharmacy directors representing over 55 key IDNs across the US
  • Mapping of system-wide formulary stakeholders and influence on drug coverage
  • Reports include landscape analysis, IDN profiles and customized analysis based on your business questions