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Decisions in a Dash: Informing Your Commercial Strategy in Near Real Time

Whether new clinical results support your brand or a new competitor is challenging it, rapid turn-around market research can help enhance manufacturers’ understanding of key market events or unexpected changes in the market. But how do you gather efficient and actionable insights when faced with an urgent business question?

You will learn...

  • How to get quick and actionable insights focused on addressing company-specific concerns in a constantly shifting market.
  • Why the right type of market research (qualitative and quantitative) can provide quick and actionable insights.
  • How to access customized market research results in an accelerated timeline using MMIT’s Rapid product family (Rapid Response, Rapid IDIs, and Engage).

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Team #4
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Ishue Chandramouli

Manager, Market Research

Ishue Chandramouli initially got her start conducting patient insight research at a startup biopharma company and then transitioned her focus to Market Access at the consulting firm Jupiter Life Science Consulting and most recently as a manager leading custom market research for MMIT. Ishue has worked on a number of projects within oncology, rare diseases, and immunology. She has experience working in projects focused on go-to-market strategy, pricing strategy, product messaging, and market research for pharmaceutical products. Ishue earned her B.S. in Human Development Biology from UC Davis, and her MPH and MBA in Healthcare Management from Boston University.