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How did you join the company?

I joined MMIT as a referral from a friend from graduate school. I think what attracted me to MMIT is the people here. I come from a software and technology research background, and I worked in multiple domains previously, but when I got my Master’s degree at SUNY Buffalo, it gave me more exposure to health care and its research domains. So MMIT felt like a good fit for me and I’ve been loving it since day one.

What does an average day look like for you?

On a day-to-day basis, I find myself working with very large datasets and designing reports on them. At the same time, I’m developing algorithms for clients’ custom rules. I interact with our client success managers and clinical advisory team members, making sure those rules are built correctly. I’m also involved with meeting with clients to understand their requirements for their custom reports and making sure they have it in the format they need, whether it’s our Tableau dashboard, or Power BI, or any other tool. Additionally, I work with MMIT data feeds and reporting.

What are some of the larger projects you’re working on?

From my first day, I’ve been lucky to work on some very large projects. Our senior leadership is confident in me and I’m really grateful for the countless opportunities I’ve had. The main thing I’m working on right now is an automation project in our dashboard and Insights development with our market access data. And that can be infused with external data as well. Each client that we work with has its own custom reporting requirements, so our projects work as a catalyst that initiates a really strict and efficient process in terms of our delivery time.

What are some of the common challenges of your role?

One common challenge is translating a client’s requirements into both a business-friendly and tech-friendly language. If there’s any variance in those languages, then we’ve failed that client’s expectations, and we’ve failed the data teams that have invested so much time and energy into that project. We have to match our market access knowledge to both a clinical and business perspective, and that can be very tough sometimes.

What’s been your biggest win so far?

I’ve always liked the idea of poka-yoke. It’s a Japanese concept that’s become a popular in manufacturing industries — it’s anything that prevents us from making human errors. You can see it in daily life; an example would be those recycling bins that have circular holes, so the only waste you’d try to throw in them is plastic bottles. No one forces us to do that; we do it on our own. I love that concept, and I try to incorporate it into our team as well. In the past year, I’ve developed a process that ensures we have no errors in our deliverables. In the past, that’s something we’ve had to face a lot in our client feedback. This initiative helped my team members in our daily activities without stress of error. Another big win was helping our clients migrate from our old MMIT platform to our new enhanced group platform. I think on top of that, the success I’ve found in my work with clients in their custom rules and dashboards is more important than anything else, because it’s the win that gets patients one step closer to accessing the therapies they need.

Which company principle resonates most with you?

I try to live by every principle, but I think resiliency, mettle and grit sticks out the most to me. I think that resonates the most with me as I try to excel deeper into the space of our ever-evolving technology.

Where do you see the company in the next year or two?

It’s been really exciting to join hands with Evaluate, Panalgo and the Dedham Group. Now that we’re all part of the Norstella umbrella, I feel like all of the Avengers are assembled and we’re ready to strike. I think there are a lot of opportunities with digital therapies, and I think that’s one space we’ll grow in over the next few years.

What do you like most about your job?

I have the freedom to work with any tool I want. I’ve never been told to work with a particular toolset; I can decide what path to take and I really enjoy that freedom here. I think MMIT provides a great platform; the budget is there to provide us with whatever tools we think will make our day-to-day easier, our delivery times faster and our clients happier. I also love handling data, and I get to get my hands dirty with data all day. I love coding as well, and I get to do that every day. Lately, I would say working with the clinical team is the most interesting thing I’ve been doing. It was never something I studied in school, so being able to learn about all these therapies is very fascinating.

I joined MMIT right as COVID began, and everyone here has been so helpful to me. The support they’ve provided, it sometimes makes me emotional. We support each other, and it really makes us a big happy family.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m always exploring new things and adventures! I go on hikes, I love running, I love taking long drives to new places. I genuinely feel like I’m an artist on the inside, and every now and then I like to make room for myself to cook a horrible dish, or paint a terrible Picasso. I really like to paint, and I’m learning fencing and guitar as well.

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Nidhishant Dixit

Nidhishant Dixit
Senior Data Intelligence Analyst, MMIT