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What’s your role at MMIT?

I joined MMIT in 2015 because I was excited about how the solutions impacted healthcare by helping patients get on therapy faster. As a registered nurse, I saw firsthand what happens to patients and families when access to drugs is delayed or not possible. I have a passion for how our mission strives to make a difference. It’s what motivates me every day.

In leading MMIT’s commercial team, I work closely across our organization to implement the systemization of go-to-market processes needed to drive year-over-year growth. I have the pleasure of working with a team of deeply talented individuals who share a passion for the work they do each day.

What do you find the most interesting about the world of market access?

What I love most is how what we do connects back to patient care. It doesn’t matter how great a drug is if you can’t get it. Our team helps develop patient access strategies for innovative therapies that are going to change patients’ lives.

What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken and why?

My family and I went to Iceland in 2015. We hiked glaciers and went rock climbing, but the coolest thing was the people. There’s this warmth there and everyone is so welcoming. It was an absolutely fantastic place.

Tell us about your background.

Prior to joining MMIT, I was the VP of Sales & Strategy at Quantia, Inc., and the VP of Sales & Marketing at Vocollect Health Systems, Inc. I also held various senior positions at McKesson Corporation over the course of a decade. I started my career as a medical oncology nurse at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals.

I have an MBA from Penn State University, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh and am a registered nurse.

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Maureen Ladouceur

Maureen Ladouceur
Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer

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