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MMIT is a trust-based culture with a one-team, one-company mentality. Learn more about the leadership team here.

What’s your role at MMIT?

I joined MMIT as the CEO in 2020 after being drawn to the company’s mission of smoothing and simplifying access to therapies. The mission really resonated because we all know someone who has had trouble accessing a lifesaving or life-changing therapy, and so the opportunity to guide, grow and evolve MMIT within the market access space—through smart acquisitions, new product development and passionate people—has been both humbling and inspiring. My main goal, and greatest purpose, is creating and fostering an environment where our employees feel empowered to make decisions and make a difference. When an employee makes the connection between their day-to-day whirlwind and the impact they have on a client who’s trying to bring a therapy to market that can and will save lives, it’s a great feeling.

What do you find the most interesting about the world of market access?

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of complexity within the healthcare ecosystem and specifically within market access. I spent nearly a decade helping hospital administrators solve problems related to patients receiving timely access to care. This space is no different except that we’re talking about access to therapies. Helping our clients cut through that complexity is a very compelling challenge—one that I love.

Describe your ideal meal.

I love good food! The cuisine doesn’t matter much to me. I like to share meals with small groups of friends at quaint, quiet restaurants—preferably in New York or London. Having a great discussion over delicious food is something I really enjoy.

Tell us about your background.

Prior to MMIT, I was the CEO of Century Vision Global, the Group CEO of ECL & CVG & PI, and the President of TeleTracking Technologies, Inc. I also served as the VP and General Manager at Hill-Rom, a Senior Strategy Manager at IBM and a Manager at AMX International.

I have an MBA from the University of Georgia and a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Brigham Young University.

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Mike Gallup

Mike Gallup

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