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What’s your role at MMIT?

I joined MMIT in 2020 as the Chief Technology Officer, where I serve the engineering and technology teams. I have experience developing, managing and commercializing new technology solutions that drive positive outcomes for companies and create value for customers.

What do you find the most interesting about the world of market access?

Broader market access data in its raw format can be discordant and cacophonous. By deploying the right engineering solutions and architecture, coupled with making pragmatic choices for tech enablement, symphonies can emanate from the cacophony. At MMIT, we serve our customers by creating symphonies from chaotic source data. The interesting aspect of the world of market access is the creative process of developing symphonies from chaos. And what makes the creative process most interesting to me is the technology that goes along with it. Without technology, the sheet music would just be a blank page without any notes on it.

What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken and why?

Besides many memorable family vacation trips, the best trip I have taken was to a customer in Peoria, Illinois. I was part of a team that had developed a new product using a disruptive yet enabling technology for real-time location sensing (RTLS) in the healthcare space. The trip ended up being one of the best work trips that I ever took because it taught me something that, to this day, is invaluable to me: customer empathy. As an engineer, my perception of reality of how technology solves real-world problems was far removed from the ground reality for the customer. This trip enabled me to put myself in the customers’ shoes and understand them at a much deeper level. I embrace this principle wholeheartedly and encourage my teams to embody it daily. As an engineering leader, I firmly believe that engineering teams building valuable capabilities for customers must engage with them on a regular basis.

Tell us about your background.

Before MMIT, I held leadership roles within product management, technology and engineering, all focused on solving problems in the broader healthcare space encompassing the patient, payer and provider/IDN dimensions.

I have a bachelor’s in electronics engineering from the University of Pune and a master’s in electrical and computer engineering from Auburn University.

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Sourabh Moharil

Sourabh Moharil
Chief Technology Officer

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