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Follow the Patient: How Real-World Data Drives Real-Life Access

Pharma companies are realizing that greater utilization depends upon gaining a better understanding of where patients are, how they receive care, and how that care evolves as their disease progresses. To eliminate access barriers, manufacturers need more than the traditional coverage and restriction data. This webinar addresses how and why market access is broadening to include patient-level data and analytics.


You will learn...

  • Why tracking disease progression is critical for pharma companies, both at the population cohort level and individual patient level.
  • What kind of data sets are necessary to provide visibility into unmet needs and patient stratification.
  • How field teams can use triggers throughout the patient journey to engage HCPs before a diagnosis or prescription is decided.

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Team #4
Meet our very talented experts

Jay Shah

Senior Solutions Engineer

Jay Shah has an industrial and electrical engineering background, graduating from California Polytechnic University of Pomona. His experience as an industrial engineer and business operations consultant has helped him drive strategic initiatives to bring data centricity and operational efficiencies to global pharmaceutical companies. In his role as Senior Solutions Engineer, Jay serves as a technical lead in the alignment of new MMIT solutions to clients’ emerging business needs. Prior to joining MMIT in 2021, Jay was a consultant for ZS Associations, helping pharma companies leverage competitive intelligence and market research to drive strategic initiatives such as data transformation, supplementation, and segmentation.


Lance Wolkenbrod

VP, Real-World Data Solutions

Lance Wolkenbrod has more than 20 years of experience in the health and life sciences space. In his current role, he partners with manufacturers to support the use of RWD in solving challenging business questions, from new product development to identifying patient treatment outcomes. Prior to joining MMIT, Lance worked for an oncology manufacturer in commercial operations and new product planning for pre-commercial programs. Throughout his career, Lance has worked on numerous client projects in biotech and the rare disease space, with a focus on building data warehouses and streamlining internal and third-party RWD into a unified model that supports strategy development.