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Expert Session

Addressing Rebate Leakage Through Industry-Leading Data & Workflow Automation

The average mid-size pharmaceutical manufacturer spends $4 billion to $5 billion in rebates annually — but loses millions of dollars in rebate overpayments and lost productivity due to manually intensive processes to validate contracted coverage. Learn the causes of rebate leakage and how MMIT’s Contract Validation solution can provide a workflow automation platform that enables manufacturers to validate formulary positioning at scale.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why pharma manufacturers are reliant on a highly manual and burdensome process to confirm that rebate payments match formulary requirements tied to the rebate offers
  • How MMIT’s solution can help by crosschecking the rebate offer formulary requirements against its robust and industry-leading data
  • How one pharma company reduced compliance risk, saved millions in rebates and reduced duplicative processes after implementing Contract Validation

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Our Experts


Jay Shah
Senior Solutions Engineer

Jay Shah has an industrial and electrical engineering background, graduating from California Polytechnic University of Pomona (Cal Poly). His technical background married with his passion for the pharmaceutical industry has been a pillar in his career to help manufacturers intersect data and business to help solve complex problems in order to draw insights to support strategy, initiatives and key decisions. Jay joined MMIT in June 2021 after serving as a consultant for ZS Associates. As a Senior Solutions Engineer for MMIT, Jay supports our pharma clients by being a technical lead in aligning some of our new MMIT solutions to their business needs.

Tracey McCarrick
Vice President, New Product Commercialization