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Tracking Access in Real-Time

Payer coverage policies continue to become more complex with increasing access hurdles. Changes occur daily and could prevent physicians from prescribing your brand. We’ll dig into ways to sift through the noise and uncover payer account intervention and pull-through opportunities via dashboards and real-time alerts:


  • How can I receive immediate notifications of policy changes for my accounts to validate contract adherence and capitalize on pull-through opportunities?
  • How can I find the relevant changes in a policy that is impacting my access?
  • What does coverage uptake look like for my brand at any given week during the first year of launch so I can quickly assess and report access changes?
  • Who are the top payers making coverage decisions during the critical launch phase each week?
  • How can I target payers who have not yet made a coverage decision?

Tuesday, September 14th, 1:00-1:30pm EDT

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Our Expert


John Griggs
Senior Solutions Consultant

John Griggs has a chemistry research background and graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with a Master of Engineering in Materials Engineering. He has been with MMIT for over 7 years in various roles and has extensive experience in market access trends within oncology, immunology, and the changing dynamic between payers and IDNs. As a Senior Solutions Consultant, he supports aligning MMIT solutions to pharma business needs and questions during the entire life-cycle of specialty medications from pre-launch to LOE.