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Newest Solutions

We analyze market access trends and market readiness challenges while providing brand and market access solutions to navigate the rapidly changing healthcare market.

Real-World Data

MMIT integrates medical and pharmacy claims, lab tests and results, electronic health records, and clinical pathways data and links them to payer coverage data to create a unified record of patients, providers, therapies, treatments and results.

Lab Data for Commercial Targeting

Access a proactive, economic, precise, and comprehensive solution to help manufacturers promote their therapies to specific providers using lab test results before a diagnosis or prescribing decision is made.

Specialty Pharmacy

Our specialty pharmacy solutions deliver clarity to programs that lower the cost of treatments.

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"What" and "Why"

For nearly three decades, MMIT has been a leading provider of market access data, analytics and insights. MMIT is a trusted go-to-market partner that identifies barriers to patient access and helps coordinate major stakeholders to move therapies from pipeline to patient—answering the “what” of how payers cover therapies and the “why” behind those decisions.

Thought Leadership
Industry Leading Insights

Get the latest insights on industry trends and hot topics like the Inflation Reduction Act, the Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Program, vaccine approvals, drug shortages, and more.

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Additional Resources
Thought Leadership
What Pharma Wants to Know About the Inflation Reduction Act
In many ways, the IRA is forcing a marriage of necessity between product development and market access, as manufacturers must now be more focused on anticipating future market states for their potential and existing pipeline.
How Do You Transform Real-World Data Into Insights and Action?
Learn how MMIT helps life sciences companies use real-world data to get lifesaving therapies in the hands of more patients and physicians.
How Real-World Data Illustrates the Patient Journey
MMIT’s real-world data solution uses multiple data points and insights to help manufacturers understand each step of the patient journey.