Understanding market access is hard. Tracking shifts in coverage and payer policies for pharmaceutical products is even harder.

MMIT partners with leading patient access hubs to provide them with a competitive advantage, supported by the industry leader in patient access information and insights. Our solutions are designed to cut through the noise and nuances for normalized, easy-to-understand coverage information.


Infuse processes with payer coverage and restriction transparency
  • Visibility PBM relationship types to understand decision making authority on patient reimbursement requirements
  • Drill down capability to identify formulary offerings by payer, channel, and geographies
  • User friendly filtering capability to identify formulary design driving patient access decisions
Validate formulary design, coverage status and prescribers' restrictions
  • Visibility to tiers to quickly understand and confirm formulary placement
  • Policy restriction assessment to easily digest text heavy payer policies and how that impacts the patient’s access
  • Normalized patient access requirements across all payers and PBMs to increase operational efficiency across your team
Understand what the reason for denial is and next steps
  • Compare patient history to payer requirement to support eligibility
  • Review covered alternatives to support case management
  • Validate payer management with source documentation of policies and requirements


How to Gain a Competitive Advantage In The World of Patient Access Data

As the leader in patient access information and insights, MMIT created this quick guide to simplifying drug coverage through normalized data and innovative technology.


The Role of Patient Access During Pre-Launch Phases

Understanding patient access can be difficult, especially ahead of launch. We created this short white paper on the role of patient access during pre-launch phases and ways to achieve optimal access.

Solutions for Your Business Challenges

MMIT offers a variety of solutions designed to solve common business challenges for patient access hubs. Learn more about them below: