In this increasingly complex world, your role as a specialty pharmacy professional is getting harder and harder. Searching for programs yourself is a massive investment that likely will result in months of waiting for answers that may end up being incomplete or misleading.

Our Patient Reimbursement Database is the leading source of truth for specialty pharmacy stakeholders to deeply understand effective strategies that will optimize your own program.


Find Financial Assistance Programs for Specialty Drugs Quickly
  • Optimize patient assistance process with a single portal that includes copay coupons, foundations, PAPs and other assistance programs for specialty drugs
  • Stay on top of foundational level updates across the industry as new program information becomes available
Gain Competitive Intelligence On Other Specialty Pharmacy Strategies
  • Understand how your program compares to competitors
  • Measure performance across the industry to determine where your reimbursement programs are strong and where they can be improved

Solutions For Your Specialty Pharmacy Challenges

MMIT offers a variety of solutions designed specifically for pharmacies. Learn more about them below.