Unlock the Health Plan and PBM Landscape with In-Depth Narratives Focused on U.S. Payers

The journalists at AIS Health have created these reports based on primary market research and MMIT’s leading payer hierarchy data to uncover unique intelligence on key players in the industry.

Each profile includes an executive summary, key personnel, financial status, insurance offerings, geographic presence, vendor relationships, key market events, line of business analyses and formulary listings. Dive into dozens of pages of intelligence from the leader of payer intelligence and insights.

We’ve created Payer Profiles for the top 50 payers, all 50 states and the top 20 PBMs. Clients can access the full set of 100+ Payer Profiles or decide to only procure the ones that are relevant to their business. Profiles start at just $3,000!

Learn More About Payer Profiles:

Get the insights you need into each payer, PBM and state based on enrollment, key market events and industry relationships.

Uncover key health plan relationships and indicators within specific geographies to make data-driven decisions based on insights directly from the lead in payer intelligence.

Dive into the narratives that matter for your business, including vendor relationships, competitive intelligence and contracting opportunities based on specific formulary details.