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Trade Solutions for Pharma:

Gain Actionable Insights into Specialty Pharmacies to Drive Decision-Making

In this increasingly complex world, your role as a trade leader in pharma is getting harder and harder. Searching for or implementing programs yourself is a massive investment that likely will result in months of waiting for answers that may end up being incomplete or misleading. Missing opportunities to reduce your product’s abandonment rate, improve time to fill or get your patient on patient assistance programs is simply not an option.

Our solutions arm trade stakeholders with the right tools to search for and manage their specialty pharmacy partners and programs.

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Patient Assistance Database: Optimize Patient Assistance Programs

  • Quickly search for patient assistance processes with a single portal that includes: copay coupons, foundation searches, PAPs and dozens of other criteria related to patient assistance programs
  • Reinforce your own patient support programs and ensure that your hub, specialty pharmacy and own team is getting the right level visibility to your most helpful programs

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Patient Satisfaction Survey: Benchmark Specialty Programs By How Satisfied Patients Are

  • Leverage the most comprehensive set of specialty pharmacy assessments and validated research
  • Gather unbiased insights that help your team understand how different specialty pharmacies compare

Office Staff Satisfaction Survey: Identify & Measure Specialty Pharmacies Based on Office Staff Satisfaction

  • Leverage the industry standard in specialty pharmacy assessments and validated research to measure organizations by the perception of office staff stakeholders
  • Identify nuances in office staff perception and access actionable insights that will help you improve specialty pharmacy contracting strategies and manage the patient journey