Wade Carter is a vice president at MMIT. He joined the company in 2014, after 17 years in various environmental and information management consulting roles. He currently leads strategy and innovation for MMIT solutions, focusing on understanding how MMIT’s solutions and services support clients’ business needs, and how our offerings should advance in the future.

Q: What are some of the larger projects you’re working on?

A: Focusing in on how we can best convey timeliness and relevancy of change to our client users in a meaningful way — bringing an understanding of the payer landscape, surveilling that landscape for change that affect our clients, and position our clients for action. We will have some focused new offerings for 2019 we are pretty excited about.

Another area that has taken a large chunk of time over the last 12 months is creating formalization and standardization around change, both from a data perspective and from a product perspective, and how we best understand and communicate impact and change to our clients. I’ve been helping lead our teams in creating a process, procedure and discipline around that. As we grow and mature as an organization, we are more focused on getting in front of the change as opposed to reacting to it with our clients.

Q: What market access trends should we be looking out for?

A: I am by no means an “industry veteran,” but even in my short time here, market access, policy and restriction information has gone from a sleepy and slow-moving target to more fast-paced and ever-changing. That is really what we’re trying to evolve into — being able to support not only the standard market access coverage and restriction information we have in the past, but increase the speed at which we provide relevant and specific information to our clients.

One of the areas we are focusing on is being able to support products in pre-launch and launch. In the pre-launch phase, we want to be able to provide certain analogues and solutions, to allow better understanding of how a client’s product might be covered at launch. Once they do launch, it’s more about capturing how quickly they’re getting coverage — What does that coverage look like? Is it what they expected? Who is making policy updates for their product?

We will be able to say, Payer XYZ just updated their policy to include your product, not only notifying them that the policy change happened, but what the relevant change was, and how it impacts them. It is a lot easier just to say, “Hey, this policy changed,” but a different animal to be able to make it relevant and say “Hey, this policy changed and here is how this affects your overall strategy.”

Q: Any buzzworthy indications to watch in 2019?

A: Man… that is a tough one to narrow down. I would say it is broader than just any one indication. The ones that may have historically been less managed that also carry high costs will be interesting to keep an eye on. When you look at 2019 planned launches, oncology dominates. More products in an indication means more opportunity to manage, so that will be fun to watch play out.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the job?

A: I love solving mysteries. When an issue comes across my desk, that sleuth in me comes out. Being able to track down the root cause of that issue is very exciting to me, and then of course ultimately being able to resolve it. I love getting into the data and I think that helps me to make the right decisions with regard to direction for our future solutions. Don’t ever be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Secondary to that is getting clients’ input and perspective. Increasingly moving to more of an outside-in view of our solutions will further our ability to improve and grow. In consulting, I touched clients every day, so I do enjoy those opportunities when I get to engage and hear how well (or not well) we are meeting their business needs.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: I have two boys, and being able to be so involved in their lives, from helping to guide them to be wonderful men, to being able to watch them in their sports activities, then joining them on the next adventure, it is amazing. I like spending time outside and in the yard. I have a greenhouse and enjoy gardening in the summertime. We are a house of foodies too — we enjoy going out to try new restaurants, and revisiting our old favorites, and we do cook quite a bit at home. Amazing restaurant and recipe suggestions welcome!

by Carina Belles