female-lab-assistant-using-laptop-for-data-entry-and-in-other-hand-holding-test-tube-with-blood-sample-while-sitting-in-laboratory female-lab-assistant-using-laptop-for-data-entry-and-in-other-hand-holding-test-tube-with-blood-sample-while-sitting-in-laboratory

P&T Immunology

P&T Webcast: Immunology Biosimilars

MMIT recently held a syndicated 90-minute Webcast including the key faculty from our P&T panel, alongside key physician experts to understand the objectives outlined below:

Use the syndicated Biosimilar Webcast insights to:

  • Address key critical business questions surrounding new biosimilars in immunology indications by witnessing P&T and key opinion leader discussion
  • Understand payer strategy for management of originator and biosimilar treatments in immunology indications
  • Uncover differences in anticipated payer management from previous biosimilar launches in immunology
  • And more

Interested in obtaining the full video and learning more about how you can take advantage of P&T Perspectives?

Witness the Actual Discussions: