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IDN-Level Data That’s Timely and Transparent

Pulse Analytics

MMIT’s Pulse Analytics solution offers actionable data to power your IDN commercial strategy

As integrated delivery networks (IDNs) continue to grow in size and scope, it’s critical that pharma manufacturers target these key accounts, yet finding the right data to inform a robust IDN commercial strategy can seem like an insurmountable obstacle.

MMIT’s Pulse Analytics solution provides one of the most comprehensive and granular data sets to help pharma companies get the actionable insights they need to target these critical accounts.

Pulse Analytics enables pharma companies to:

  • Understand product and competitor placement on pathways
  • Understand if product placement matches the FDA label or is more restrictive
  • Understand the structure and granular details of IDN customers
  • Prioritize which IDNs to contract with and how by identifying key influencers

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Our Solution, By the Numbers

With our comprehensive data solution, you’ll gain insights into:


  • 89 IDNs, community practices, health systems and cancer centers by region
  • All third-party pathway organizations, representing9,000 oncologists and 89 million payer medical lives
  • 2,000-plus key decision makersacross various tumor specialties and NCCN panel members/key opinion leaders
  • Brand-specific management data across active oncology indications and over 150 brandsfor each pathway
  • Which IDNs have URAC- and ACHC-accredited internal dispensing and/or specialty pharmacy capabilities
  • Which IDNs use internally developed vs third-party clinical pathways, and what pathway management tools are implemented

Gain Insights Into Pathways and Providers


Pulse Analytics provides actionable data and valuable insights on an intuitive, user-friendly platform.

Pulse Provider: Offers indication-specific insights on internally developed pathways and key provider account profiles, and includes a decision maker map and regional footprint

 Pulse Pathways: Offers indication-specific insights on third-party clinical pathway adoption, institution protocols, brand positioning, key influencers and adoption/mix

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