Since its launch in 2018, Civica Rx, the new not-for-profit generic drug and pharmaceutical company run by health systems and hospitals, tells AIS Health it has made solid progress in its ongoing effort to address persistent shortages of certain drugs administered within hospitals’ four walls.

According to Civica spokesperson Debbi Ford, Civica first aims to provide 14 vital drugs, “mostly sterile injectables such as anesthesia medications, antibiotics, and pain medications and expects to deliver these products this year,” she says.

Ford explained that for many generic injectable drugs undergoing a shortage, there often are one or two viable generic drug manufacturers that capture most of the market. However, she said, there are multiple other generic drug manufacturers that have an FDA-approved Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) and have “capable manufacturing facilities and capacity to produce the drug undergoing shortages, yet are dormant due to business and/or other reasons.”

Ford said that any disruption in the supply chain for a drug that has only one or two manufacturers “almost immediately leads to a drug shortage, which is difficult to recover from because no other manufacturer can readily produce the required inventory.”

Civica is taking a three-pronged approach to its manufacturing strategy:

Work with several manufacturers, “including the dormant manufacturers who have the U.S. FDA approval, capable manufacturing facilities and capacity to produce Civica-labeled generic drugs, allowing manufacturers to re-enter the market,” Ford said.
The development and/or purchase of ANDAs for generic drugs and work with contract manufacturing organizations to produce Civica products.
The purchase and/or building of Civica manufacturing facilities using Civica’s ANDAs.
Will the cost of drugs go down because of Civica’s efforts? Probably not, says Bill Oldham, chairman and chief financial officer of AscellaHealth. Will drug costs go up? Maybe. In any event, “there will be a new game in town,” he says. “Whether it will have an enormous impact or not is anyone’s guess.”