Florida’s health insurers remain highly profitable as the overall market has grown significantly more concentrated, with companies such as Anthem, Inc. and Florida Blue snapping up numerous smaller HMOs over the past several years, particularly in the Medicare Advantage (MA) space, says the author of a new report on the Florida market.

Independent analyst and consultant Allan Baumgarten, who studies state health care markets, tells AIS Health that he expects consolidation to continue.

“There is a new crop of insurers that started business in 2019, including some new Medicare Advantage plans, plus Bright Health and Oscar [Health Insurance],” Baumgarten says. “I think that the Medicare Advantage plans, if they grow to a certain threshold size — maybe 25,000 enrollees or more — will be targets for acquisition. In fact, I think some of the entrepreneurs that started those new plans [did so] as a build and then sell strategy.”

Baumgarten’s report, which looked at enrollment, profitability and acquisitions in 2018, found that HMOs enjoyed strong profits in 2018 despite enrollment that slipped around 2.2%, mainly as a result of fewer people in Medicaid HMOs.

“For the health plans, two lines of business have been especially profitable — Medicare Advantage, consistently for the past eight years or more, and individual health plans [including exchange coverage] in the past two years,” Baumgarten says.

“The premiums paid to Medicare Advantage plans in Florida are among the highest in the country, which is why health plans are eager to start or acquire Medicare plans here,” the report explains.

Insurers weren’t the only health care players pursuing mergers and acquisitions in 2018, says. Overall, the report spotlights “growing consolidation on both the hospital system and health insurer sides, leading to strong profitability for both hospitals and health plans,” Baumgarten says.