Pallavi Garg is a client success analyst (CSA) at MMIT. Garg has always enjoyed working with data, but it wasn’t until she took a consulting position at Biogen that she discovered her love of market access data. In her CSA role, Pallavi works with the client experience team to create custom reporting to help clients better understand MMIT data.

Q: Tell us more about your role.

A: I’m a CSA and in this role, I work very closely with the client success leads (CSLs), who are the leads on the accounts, to help solve our clients’ data questions. When clients have questions about our data, connecting tables in the data feed, or they need an “ad hoc” report, the CSAs are the ones who have the answers. When our clients need insight on their product’s coverage in the market, the CSA team can help give perspective by creating different visuals and tables depending on the client’s needs. It’s a very customizable service, as we are helping clients understand our data quickly and helping them resolve any questions or special requests they may have.

Q: What’s your day to day like?

A: The main focus of my role is working with CSLs to ensure as a team we are creating a seamless experience for the client from the time they make their requests to the time we deliver the data, and ensuring that we deliver a high quality product for the client. In this role, the CSL is your client, so every day I’m helping them with answering any data questions the clients may have or coming up with solutions to client data requests. When a client doesn’t have a huge analytics team, they may come to the CSL and ask for help understanding their product’s coverage in the market both historically and currently. The CSL will then come to me, and we work together to analyze the relevant datapoints and then deliver the findings to the client in their preferred mode, whether that be our Analytics 3 platform, a PowerPoint or an Excel file.

Q: What are some of the larger projects you’re working on?

A: As MMIT is continuing to grow, we’re exploring different services we can offer to our clients. One of the larger projects we’ve been working on is replacing one of our pharma client’s internal tools and data with MMIT’s tools and data. For this project we used the client’s custom alignments for over 10 indications and provided them with data through our Analytics tool. We also had to create several custom reports to enable the client to view their coverage in multiple views such as by channel, by preferred status, and by regions. We didn’t have a lot of experience working on these kinds of reports, but we were able to work with the different teams at MMIT to develop a product that the client was satisfied with, and it’s a service we’ll be able to offer to other clients in the future.

Q: What are some of the challenges of your role?

A: The biggest challenge is understanding the client’s vision and solving any issues clients need help with. This is where the partnership between CSA and CSL is so important. As a CSA we typically do not interact with the client, so the back story and all the relevant information about the request is given to us through the CSL. Communicating with and asking the CSL questions is key in understanding the request. Once we establish what issue they are experiencing, we can pull the data and create a report that fits the client’s needs.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

A: I love working with the data to solve complex problems and coming up with solutions to fit our clients’ business needs. There are times when a client comes to a CSL with a request, but they’re not able to fully articulate what it is they’re asking. In these scenarios we present the client with the same data visually represented in multiple ways and they can pick and choose what suits their needs.

I also love that the leadership in our organization encourages you to ask questions. If I believe a process is inefficient or won’t provide the right results, I know I can go to our leadership and make my case and they’re willing to listen and make changes where necessary. It’s a great environment to work in because I feel encouraged and appreciated for my work, and it makes me want to continue working harder.

Q: What’s been your biggest victory with the company so far?

A: The biggest victory has been creating the custom reporting for one of our large pharma clients. This was a new experience for MMIT and for me, and it was exciting to be involved in all aspects of the project, from developing the tool to testing the user interface. We recently delivered the reports to the clients, and we’ve received lots of positive feedback about the functionality and the data. It was rewarding to handle a project of this size, and I learned so much about both our data and the client’s data while also improving my skills. Going forward I’m more confident managing these larger projects because I now have so much more knowledge of our data and experience coordinating with the other teams at MMIT to produce a quality product.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: I lead a pretty normal life; work, home, and doing my hobbies on the side. I’ve recently been teaching myself how to cook, so I’ve been exploring different cuisines. I also take care of plants in my free time, and I enjoy taking long walks and hiking in the summer. I also love to travel and have visited Amsterdam, Sweden, and my husband and I vacationed in Cancun for our honeymoon.

by Amanda Tadrzynski