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Whether you need to launch a third party patient survey for a payer contract, solve an accreditation-related need or gather competitive intelligence for your executive team, making sense out of patient and office staff perception around your specialty pharmacy program is challenging. This market is very competitive and everyone is fighting for small percentages of market share. A lot of the specialty pharmacies are doing the exact same thing – if you do not find a way to make your specialty pharmacy standout, not only will you not be able to grow but specialty pharmacies that do have this data could use it to steal your market share.

Our satisfaction surveys, across patients and physician office staffs, are the industry standard when it comes to validated, third-party insights about the business of specialty pharmacy.

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Client Use Case #1: Benchmark Specialty Programs By How Satisfied Patients and Physicians Are

  • Leverage the most comprehensive set of specialty pharmacy assessments and validated research
  • Gather unbiased insights that help your team understand how different specialty pharmacies compare

Client Use Case #2: Arm Your Team With The Physician Office Staff Perspective

  • Gather honest, actionable insights from key office staff stakeholders to understand key differentiators across programs
  • Identify nuances in office staff perception and how changes to your specialty pharmacy program can impact overall satisfaction

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