Shedding Light on Medically Covered Specialty Drug Pricing Methods

Why do different pricing methods exist? How are they different? When are they used? How do they impact your reimbursement?

Managing coverage and reimbursement amidst the rapid evolution of genetic testing and targeted therapies

The pace of advancement in genetics and precision medicine is staggering. Today, there are more than 75,000 genetic testing products on the market, and more than ⅓ of therapies in the development pipeline are for molecularly-defined conditions. In this webinar, experts in genetic testing, drug spend, and claims payment automation will provide practical insight on the present and future of precision medicine and how leading health plans are managing the space.

Participants on the webinar will learn:

● Which areas of genetic testing are driving growth, spend, and complexity, and where the near-term opportunities are for more effective management;
● What is the state of the market for targeted therapies relative to all pharmaceuticals, and what should plans be preparing for;
● How is genetic-informed medicine changing the claims payment process and how are leading plans adapting.

During my 14 years at RJ Health, I have focused on our clients’ use of our Drug Coding and Pricing Databases. Over the years, our clients have implemented many of these data-sets into their workflow.

Many of our clients have relied on our NDC Crosswalk and conversion factors to correctly link Codes and NDCs through the use of our various SaaS platforms like, File downloads and most recently linking claims systems to our API Service call library.


Presented by:

Christopher Webb, CPhT
Director, Product Development

Jason Young, PharmD
VP, Pharmacy Data Operations


Join us on June 12th at 2:00 pm to explore various Pricing Methodologies and Control Your Medical Drug Spend.


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