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In a constantly evolving healthcare ecosystem, up-to-date reporting in both macro trends and specific focus areas is necessary to keep up with emerging trends, stakeholders, and access challenges.

Leverage The Dedham Group’s strategy consulting expertise, ongoing research in the life science space, and internal data with “out of the box” reports. Gain fluency and create informed strategies by leveraging access and insights from leading experts and thought leaders.

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Get access to The Dedham Group senior leadership for report delivery, Q&A, and thought partnership.


Access up-to-date insights in a fast paced, evolving industry.


Discover deep dive insights with holistic, payer, and provider reports, as well as landscape assessments.

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Browse the list of 25 reports that cover landscape trends and deep dive focus areas with up-to-date provider, payer, and holistic insights.

About The Dedham Group

The Dedham Group is the preeminent U.S. market access oncology and specialty therapeutics consultancy that offers research, data analytics, and strategic consulting services to the life science industry. The Dedham Group plays a key role helping commercial teams navigate the oncology space to get much-needed drugs to market—and helping clients connect the dots from pipeline to patient.