With the cost of diabetes drugs still growing, PBMs and payers are looking for more innovative strategies to hold down costs, AIS Health reported. For some, that might include a strategy similar to the one recently unveiled by CVS Health Corp.’s Caremark unit. The plan, called RxZERO, offers a slimmer formulary for the diabetes drug class, but with no out-of-pocket costs for members.

Mike Schneider, a principal in the commercialization and market access practice at Avalere Health, says the plan is innovative. “You’ve seen Express Scripts do something where they’re offering specific insulins at very low out-of-pocket costs, but this is the first time I’ve seen a PBM come up with a way to eliminate out-of-pocket costs completely,” he tells AIS Health.

With the elimination of copays and other cost-sharing payments for diabetes drugs, CVS is betting members will better adhere to drug regimens and potentially avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and other services.

In January, Eli Lilly and Co. said it planned to sell new versions of Humalog Junior KwikPen and Humalog Mix 75-25 at half of their current U.S. list prices. Novo Nordisk A/S also started to offer generic versions of its frequently prescribed insulin drugs Novolog and Novolog Mix 70-30 at a 50% discount compared to the current list price. The graphics below show how these four medications are covered among commercial health plans, health exchange programs and Medicare and Medicaid programs.