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We answer the “what” and the “why” of drug coverage, reimbursement and overall market access.

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We answer the “what” and the “why” related to drug coverage and reimbursement.

We are a product, solutions and advisory company that brings transparency to pharmacy and medical benefit information. MMIT partners with PBMs, payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers from P&T to point of care. We analyze market access trends and market readiness issues, while providing brand and market access solutions to navigate today’s rapidly changing healthcare market.

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We leverage technology, research and industry experts to make sense of how and why specific pharmaceutical drugs are covered. Physicians and pharmacies use our data and applications to understand what drugs are available to patients and how they are covered by health plans. Pharmaceutical manufacturers trust our data to understand how their drug and competitive drugs are covered, which helps forecast performance and tune strategy.

Here’s How Everything Fits in Under One Company:

Acquired in early 2019, Zitter Insights is a division of MMIT that brings market research and helps address the “why” of market access. Our Zitter Insights panel represents top health plans, PBMs and IDNs to provide meaningful insights to our clients.

MMIT has been 100% focused on market access for decades. We combine deep domain expertise around drug coverage with innovative technology and trusted data to answer key business questions related to access. MMIT data is trusted by US physicians and sourced through a combination of direct partnerships with payers/PBMs and a technology infrastructure, powered by smart business logic, artificial intelligence and human validation.

AIS Health provides readers with an actionable understanding of the business of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. As the journalistic division of MMIT, our in-depth content covers the companies, people, catalyst and trends that create the richly textured contours of the healthcare and drug industry.

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