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Are you a decision-maker who meets with pharmaceutical manufacturers?
  • Earn honoraria for your expertise
  • Make your voice heard and improve payer and IDN/pharma partnerships
  • Access exclusive data and reports to stay on top of industry trends
  • Receive bonuses for increased participation
Receive support from a dedicated team focused on improving your experience and answering any questions you may have.

Our Panel is Our Community

Earn Honoraria & Bonuses
  • Complete an unlimited number of 15-20 minute surveys anonymously and receive honoraria per survey
  • Get rewarded for increased participation, including an initial bonus once you begin participating!
Make Your Voice Heard
  • Contribute your expert opinions to improve payer and IDN/pharma partnerships
  • Fits in your schedule with online surveys on your time
Dedicated panel team there to field any questions and improve panelist experience.
“Zitter Insights has been a great company to work with. The surveys are user friendly and their panelist outreach is superb. Working with Zitter’s team has given me better insight on various questions I can ask pharmaceutical manufacturers in negotiations and clinical presentations.”— Contracting Director
“As a managed care decision-maker, I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback in a discreet manner to our pharmaceutical liaison counterparts. Receiving similar insights back from a curated peer group of fellow decision-makers is especially helpful. The Zitter platform is easy to use and quick to complete.” — Clinical Pharmacist