Quality Ratings

2022 Outlook: Plethora of ‘Granular’ Changes Will Drive MAOs’ Stars Strategy

With continued emphasis on member experience, several new Part C measures and a directional shift to closing health care inequities, 2022 stands to be a landmark year in terms of changes to Medicare Advantage organizations’ star ratings strategies, industry experts tell AIS Health, a division of MMIT.

“There is so much earth-shattering change on the horizon that most plans are just not thinking about,” cautions Melissa Newton Smith, executive vice president, consulting and professional services with Healthmine, Inc. “We’re worried that COVID took up way too much airtime and that plans have lost sight of the forest through the trees in MA a little bit.”

New Google Maps Tool Shows Providers’ Network Affiliations

Google Maps will show users searching for health care providers which health insurance practitioners will accept — and health care insiders say that the new product could transform how patients access health care. However, they caution that Google, a division of Alphabet Inc., must be diligent about updating and refining the information it displays, especially if it hopes to expand its advertising and data analytics businesses into health care at a large scale.