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Bridging as
a Service

Bridge all your data to visualize the complete patient journey

Viewing patient access from end to end means a lot of data—claims data, lab data, coverage, registries. But how do you put it all together?

MMIT’s Bridging as a Service combines cutting-edge technology with manual stewardship to bridge different source IDs to MMIT’s backbone for a single source of truth.

MMIT’s Bridging as a Service can help you: 

  • Predict brand performance using patient access and measure sales success in the same dataset 
  • Align field teams based on payer coverage and real-world scripts data 
  • Connect disparate payer-based datasets to reduce your administrative burden 
  • Measure contract influence and performance by connecting script data to your contracts database 
  • Understand payer relationships, who’s making the decision and how to influence them to optimize tactics 
  • Link claims data at the patient level to payers, providers and access information to track brand performance 

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Combine Disparate Data Sets Into a Single Source of Truth

  • Plug in coverage and access gaps in existing data sets
  • Maintain data integrity, capturing ongoing shifts in the payer landscape and hierarchy as plans merge, close and rebrand
  • Visualize the entire patient journey with 100% of your data

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Bridging as a Service Brochure

Learn more about MMIT’s Bridging as a Service solution.