Patient Access Analytics

Quickly analyze and visualize real-world data to instantly obtain answers to access barriers and prescribing patterns.

MMIT’s Patient Access Analytics solution allows you to combine coverage, claims, lab and pathways data to provide commercial pharma teams with a unique view of payer and prescriber behavior.

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Brand Management

How do I inform my brand strategy to drive results?


Payer Negotiations

Where will improved access provide the best ROI?


Field Team Optimization

Where should my pharma reps/FRMs influence physicians to write more scripts?


Promotional Marketing

How can I generate the right evidence to support my brand claims?


Patient Access Analytics Modules

Choose the Perfect Solution for Your Needs

Pathways, Claims and RWE

This module integrates pathway data alongside claims and coverage data with high accuracy to help drive your organization’s institutional engagement strategy. It enables your account teams to make decisions on where to play and how to win with institutional customers.

  1. Determine eligible patient populations
  2. Analyze payer/pathway coverage by institution
  3. Map out opportunities across payers and institutions
  4. Drive utilization

Coverage and Claims Module

This module integrates claims and coverage data with high accuracy to help your organization understand whether payers’ written policies match market reality. It enables your account teams to determine if the volume of patients is tied directly to your negotiated coverage.

  1. Gain insight into market reality
  2. Identify access distribution vs. adjudication
  3. Create a more evidence-based contracting strategy
  4. Understand competitive dynamics

How We Can Help

Seamlessly communicate access wins
to key prescribers.


Leverages the deep flexibility and transparent architecture of Panalgo’s data agnostic Instant Health Data (IHD) platform.


Allows you to link MMIT’s real-world data assets and those procured by your organization to MMIT market access data to allow for intuitive data visualizations.


Generates instant answers so that access barriers can be removed for patients in need of lifesaving treatments.


Includes strategic recommendations for next actions from The Dedham Group.

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In September 2021, MMIT acquired Panalgo, a data agnostic healthcare analytics company that removes complex programming from the equation via its Instant Health Data platform, converting a wide range of data sources—administrative claims, EHR, registry data, etc.—into instant answers. panalgo-logo