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Patient Access

Quickly analyze and visualize real-world patient datasets to instantly obtain answers to access barriers and prescribing patterns.

MMIT’s Patient Access Analytics solution combines coverage data and claims data to provide commercial pharma teams with a unique view of payer and prescriber behavior.

The Patient Access Analytics Solution:

  • Leverages the deep flexibility and transparent architecture of Panalgo’s data agnostic Instant Health Data (IHD) platform.
  • Visualizes claims data in an integrated fashion alongside MMIT’s market-leading policy & restriction coverage data.
  • Generates instant answers so that access barriers can be removed for patients in need of lifesaving treatments.

In September 2021, MMIT acquired Panalgo, a data agnostic healthcare analytics company that removes complex programming from the equation via its Instant Health Data platform, converting a wide range of data sources—administrative claims, EHR, registry data, etc.—into instant answers. panalgo-logo

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Analyzing the Patient Journey

Learn how coverage decisions influence physician prescriber behavior.

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Patient Access Analytics

Read a summary of the Patient Access Analytics solution from MMIT and Panalgo.


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Analyzing the Patient Journey


Download the Infographic Analyzing the Patient Journey

Learn how Patient Access Analytics from MMIT and Panalgo can show how coverage decisions influence physician prescriber behavior.