For Pharma

MMIT Analytics

Analyze comprehensive formulary, policy and restriction information to evaluate patient access for your brand and competitors.

Message Monitor

Capture key payer and IDN decision-maker perceptions around brand access for your brand and competitors.

IDN Formulary Insights

Gain unparalleled visibility into IDN formularies, decision-making and contracting insights to develop a data-driven IDN approach.


Unlock the health plan & PBM landscape with detailed enrollment information by line of business and geography.

P&T Perspectives

Get in the room with real P&T members to understand how they will handle coverage for your brand to inform pricing and sales strategy.

Specialty Pharmacy Distribution

Simplify the nuanced specialty pharmacy industry with visibility into patient assistance programs & program satisfaction to select the right partner.


Be the first to know about health plan policy changes that impact your brand and competitors with customizable notifications.


Track current and emerging trends with perspectives from payers, HCPs and office managers that represent 75% of U.S. lives.

Compendia Program

Leverage RJ Health’s experts to submit pricing and coding to the 4 major industry pricing sources on behalf of your brand.

FormTrak & Coverage Search

Simplify physician prescribing through drug coverage and restriction transparency, delivering powerful data to your field team.

Rapid Response

Obtain quick, actionable insights among a representative sample of key payer stakeholders to support your brand strategy.

Payer Advisory Program

Deliver customizable messaging related to your brand’s pricing & coding directly to payer contacts representing over 70% of U.S. lives.

For Payer


Publish formulary updates for your health plan in a single workflow application that simplifies formulary management and publishing.

Reimbursement Codes

Streamline claims workflows with the industry-leading data and workflow application for medical coding, pricing and reimbursement.

Competitive Intelligence

Leverage AIS Health’s Directory of Health Plans to track enrollment, relationships & geography shifts for competitors.

For Specialty Pharmacies

Patient Reimbursement Database

Optimize your patient assistance programs with a single portal of copay coupons, foundations and other specialty drug assistance updates.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Tap into direct patient feedback of specialty pharmacy programs to diagnose challenges and capitalize on successful initiatives.

Office Staff Satisfaction Survey

Assess specialty pharmacy programs through validated market research directed at prescribers and office staff.

For Healthcare IT

Directory of Health Plans

Access the leading database of payer intelligence with plan-level enrollment details, organization affiliations & in-depth content.

MMIT Reach

Uncover key health plan & PBM decision-makers with monthly validation and job change reports with direct contact information.

Payer Landscape

Unlock the health plan & PBM landscape with detailed enrollment information by line of business and geography.

For In-Depth Healthcare Narratives

Health Plan Weekly

Gain in-depth analyses of trends impacting payer market share, profitability and regulations, along with strategies to respond.

Radar on Drug Benefits

Stay current on pharmacy reimbursement trends with business strategies and analyses for health plans, employers, PBMs and pharma.

Radar on Medicare Advantage

Access the latest developments in strategies and news related to Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and Managed Medicaid.

Radar on Specialty Pharmacy

Get to the bottom of trends affecting specialty drugs and therapeutic areas, along with programs being used to manage them.