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Message Monitor:

Gain Actionable Insights into Payer and IDN Perceptions

Pharmaceutical manufacturers invest heavily into payer and IDN messaging strategies that need to be measured. It is challenging for payer marketers to gain competitive insight into how other brands in their therapeutic area are positioning themselves to improve patient access.

Message Monitor captures key payer and IDN decision-maker insights around brand perception, enabling manufacturers to refine strategy and bolster market access messaging.

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Client Use Case #1: Payer Messaging Validation

How can I validate that payer messaging is working?
  • Assess payer perception of your message’s relevancy, credibility, & delivery
  • Get early insight into potential barriers to access
  • Evaluate the payer’s understanding of your clinical message. Did they understand your value proposition?

Client Use Case #2: Competitive Intelligence & Key Accounts

Gain competitive intelligence within key accounts:
  • Understand messaging themes across your therapeutic area & uncover areas for differentiation for your brand
  • Be the first to know when your competitor may begin to contract with a key payer or IDN
  • Evaluate Payer Perceptions of messaging credibility across the whole class
Use Message Monitor to:
  • Uncover payer/IDN perception during your drug’s launch or a competitor’s launch
  • Synthesize survey results to map to your key payer and IDN account targets
  • Leverage a network of hundreds of pharmacists, CMOs, contract managers and executives
  • Manage your access strategy across complex disease areas where standardization does not exist
  • Maintain an edge in your therapeutic area with access to survey results and ongoing data spotlights

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