How are you tracking competitors’ evolving payer and IDN strategies to better position your product against competitive efforts? Do you have insight into payer and IDN perception of your own messaging?

Message Monitor captures key decision-maker insights around brand and messaging perception.


Use Message Monitor to:

Uncover payer/IDN perception during your drug’s launch or a competitor’s launch

Synthesize survey results to map to your key payer and IDN account targets

Leverage a network of hundreds of pharmacists, CMOs, contract managers and executives

Manage your access strategy across complex disease areas where standardization does not exist

Maintain an edge in your therapeutic area with access to survey results and ongoing data spotlights

How can I validate that my payer messaging strategy is effective?

How do I gain intel to my competitor's activity within our key Payer accounts?

How can I compare payer thoughts with their real-world decisions?


Payer Messaging Playbooks

We created playbooks that contain real messages and payer reactions in your therapeutic area. Gain actionable insights into payer perceptions for your brand.


IDN Messaging Playbooks

View real messages and IDN reactions in your therapeutic area. Start monitoring discussions that you and your competitors are having with IDNs.

Resources for Your Payer Challenges

MMIT offers a variety of payer account and contact intelligence solutions. Learn more about them below.