Message Monitor

Gain Insight Into Payer and IDN Brand Perception

MMIT Message Monitor captures key payer & IDN decision maker insights around brand and messaging perception. Based on the nation’s largest payer and IDN panel of decision makers who reveal their organization names, Message Monitor provides a “fly-on-the-wall” view of each visit between a pharma company and payer or IDN decision maker, affording actionable insight into competitor strategies and your message performance.

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Uncover Payer/IDN Perception

Uncover payer/IDN perception during your drug’s launch or a competitor’s launch.


Synthesize Survey Results

Synthesize survey results to map to your key payer and IDN account targets.


Leverage an Extensive Network

Leverage a network of hundreds of pharmacists, CMOs, contract managers and executives.


Manage Your Access Strategy

Manage your access strategy across complex disease areas where standardization does not exist.


Message Monitor Add-Ons

Choose the Perfect Solution for Your Needs

Multi Channel Message Testing

MMIT’s Multi Channel Message Testing solution helps manufacturers assess the return on investment, effectiveness and reach of their current multi channel messaging strategy, test future messages and determine how they compare to key competitors.

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of messages/visuals and benchmark against key competitors.
  2. Identify which channels are most effective when communicating with payers and IDNs.
  3. Determine if messages/visuals are attributed to the correct manufacturer.
  4. Adjust messaging and channel focus through multiple waves of research.

Payer Messaging Playbook

The Payer Messaging Playbook solution helps pharma companies to predict payer behavior and preferences, along with competitors' strategies, prior to a meeting.

  1. Understand payer meeting preferences in advance and tailor strategy appropriately.
  2. Anticipate payers’ reaction to topics and adjust strategies to match payer preferences and circumvent pain points.
  3. Identify competitor cross-portfolio strategies and counter accordingly.
  4. Supplement therapeutic area-specific Message Monitor insights with manufacturer cross-portfolio intelligence.
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