Payer Data Intelligence

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Solutions for You

We filter out the noise of granular datasets and focus our clients on the signals they need to fuse insight and intent, enabling better business outcomes.


As the leading platform for pharma market access teams, MMIT Analytics analyzes comprehensive formulary, policy and restriction information to evaluate patient access for your brands, competitors and analogs.

Contract Validation

Contract Validation is the only workflow automation platform that enables manufacturers to validate formulary positioning at scale by crosschecking rebate offer formulary requirements against MMIT’s industry-leading and robust payer data.

Lab Data: Commercial Targeting

MMIT’s Lab Data for Commercial Targeting provides a proactive, economic, precise, and comprehensive solution to help manufacturers promote their therapies to specific providers using lab test results before a diagnosis or prescribing decision is made.

Bridging as a Service

MMIT’s Bridging as a Service combines cutting-edge technology with manual stewardship to bridge different source IDs to MMIT’s backbone for a single source of truth.


With MMIT’s Application Programming Interface (API) technology, organizations can seamlessly ingest and integrate our industry-leading data into their own data warehouse.

Payer Landscape

MMIT Landscape is an easy-to-navigate application that enables account managers to segment payers by market share, line of business, geographic reach and key relationship.

Directory of Health Plans

Our Directory of Health Plans gives you a panoramic view of payer enrollment, affiliation information, and trigger identification, helping you build competitive intelligence strategies around key decision-makers in your organization’s territories.

Strategic Launch Report

MMIT launch reports help manufacturers vet potential analog products, outline payer and channel segmentation, and highlight potential restrictions to drug launch policies, speeding up commercialization.


Surveillance delivers immediate and relevant payer policy updates to your inbox via configurable email alerts.

Launch Coverage Analytics

MMIT is now offering the only configurable, web-based market access software—integrated with our Analytics solution—that tracks weekly patient access data performance across geographies, payer channels and specific accounts during critical launch milestones.

MMIT Reach

Pinpoint where your buyers and influencers exist with MMIT Reach. We provide access to over 50,000 contacts and profiles of decision-makers at the accounts that matter to you.