Account managers are often the “payer conduit” for their organizations. They are measured and held accountable to understand the dynamics of their payer accounts in order to optimize their brand’s access performance.

Surveillance provides immediate and relevant new or updated payer policies through real-time configurable email alerts. This leading account manager application can be customized to specific territories and payers for relevant updates to your team.


Use Surveillance to:

Strategically segment the market for account manager assignment or re-organization

Track policy updates/additions that could impact your brand and monitor key payer wins/losses

Support the targeting of key accounts for positioning and contracting activities

Understand the key decision-makers within each account and reduce manual research efforts

Uncover the business profile of each payer through narratives and industry trends content

Know when access has changed for any brand within my therapeutic areas
  • Daily alerts of payer policy changes formatted for mobile, iPad and laptop viewing
  • Individual user preferences self-selection so you only see what’s important to you
  • Notification within 24 hours
  • At-a-glance impact of change in the alert
  • Access to full policy portal and Payer web site for further research and review
Access policies and coverage documents for my accounts when published
  • Links to portal in daily alert email
  • MMIT Radar portal access to all policies
  • Links to Payer web sites where additional information is available
  • Summary and impact of changes
Review payer account dynamics by LOB and geography
  • Links to portal in daily alert email
  • MMIT Radar portal view of new, partially and fully assessed policies
  • Links to the policies and Payer web sites for additional information
  • Assessed summary view of detail criteria


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