Rapid Response

In-Depth Market Research From the Market Access Experts

Improve Your Brand Strategy with MMIT’s Payer Market Research

Rapid Response provides quantitative, actionable answers to key business questions among a representative sample of the payer and IDN stakeholders that you care about.

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Craft a customized market research survey with help from Advisory Services experts.



Target panelists based on criteria including plan size, channel and other attributes.



Obtain quantitative data and qualitative feedback on 10 to 20 questions.



Get expert analysis of research findings, together with an executive summary and presentation of insights by Advisory Services.


How We Help

MMIT's Rapid Response is designed for organizations that need quick answers to drive strategy development.


Gain insight into a disruptive market event.


Validate that market access hypotheses for launches are correct.


Enhance strategic planning with quick payer or IDN reactions.


Understand the impact of biosimilars or new clinical data.

Use Rapid Response for Industry-Leading Market Research
Claims Data

The release of new clinical data or guidelines

FDA approval or new indication

Impact of a competitor’s new strategy

Impact of biosimilar

Loss of exclusivity

Product recalls and more

Choose the Perfect Solution for Your Needs

Do you need qualitative information immediately, can use a more limited set of questions and panelists, and are able to use answers in Excel and transcripts?  Consider MMIT’s Engage solution. It can deliver answers within 24 hours using a Discussion Board format that allows for follow-up questions and lets you view interactions between panelists. ​ 

Rapid Response Is a Better Fit for Companies That …
  1. Need quantitative data
  2. Require a broad selection of panelists, or require specific payers to be included
  3. Have time to wait for a survey to be developed and a panel to be recruited
  4. Have a large number of questions
  5. Prefer multiple choice or multi select questions
  6. Need a PowerPoint deliverable
Engage Is a Better Fit for Companies That…
  1. Need interactive information
  2. Have an immediate need for answers from payer decision makers
  3. Are able to develop questions quickly
  4. Have a need to answer a limited number of questions on a regular or one-time basis
  5. Can answer their questions with qualitative data
  6. Are able to use Excel and transcripts as their deliverables
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Get the Answers You Need to Refine Your Brand Strategy
We provide fast access to actionable intelligence from a custom sample of payers, IDNs, and HCPs. See the distinctions between our three market research solutions—Rapid Response, Rapid IDIs, and Engage—in this infographic.