Meet Our Team

MMIT is a trust-based culture with a one-team, one-company mentality. Learn more about the leadership team here.

Mike Gallup

I joined MMIT as the CEO in 2020 after being drawn to the company's mission of smoothing and simplifying access to therapies. Read More...

Maureen Ladouceur
Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer

As a registered nurse, I saw firsthand what happens to patients and families when access to drugs is delayed or not possible. I have a passion for how our mission strives to make a difference. Read More...

Christa Miller
Chief Financial Officer

Being a part of such a collaborative team with a common focus to promote our mission each and every day makes my job very meaningful and enjoyable. Read More...

Kris Kaneta
Chief Product Officer

My team and I get up every morning and ask ourselves what we could be doing better to improve a patient’s access to the therapies they need. Read More...

Diane Watson
Chief Operations Officer

I love the people at MMIT. Everyone wants to make our data the best it can be. When we have a challenge, we don’t dread it, we tackle it. Read More...

Keith Giddens
Chief Performance Officer

In my current role, I’m responsible for helping teams execute on their most important goals. In addition, I also serve as an Atlanta-based leadership and execution coach. Read More...

Laura Teschner
Chief People Officer

I love seeing people grow in their role and genuinely enjoy working at the company. Read More...

Sourabh Moharil
Chief Technology Officer

As an engineering leader, I firmly believe that engineering teams building valuable capabilities for customers must engage with them on a regular basis. Read More...

Brandon Richards
General Counsel

There are lots of interesting opportunities out there—and you can make a decent living in most of them—but how many companies actually impact whether someone gets to celebrate another Thanksgiving, or see a kid graduate from high school, or attend a wedding? Read More...

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