We Answer the “What” and the “Why” of
Market Access.
Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Our customers rely on our industry-leading data and insights and cutting-edge technology to overcome barriers to access.
Solutions for
Healthcare IT
Let our unbeatable covered lives methodology and innovative technology inform your market access strategy.
Solutions for Payers, Providers and Pharmacies
Establish reimbursement policies, formulary positioning and access financial assistance that make therapies affordable for patients.
New Solution Highlights
We analyze market access trends and market readiness challenges while providing brand and market access solutions to navigate the changing healthcare market.
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Unleash the Power of Real-World Data

MMIT helps pharma companies harness the power of real world data to better understand the patient journey.

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AMCP Nexus 2023

We’re looking forward to sharing how our solutions can help overcome top business challenges.

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Specialty Carveout Alternative Funding Vendor Syndicated Report

Learn more about why it is critical for manufacturers to understand these vendors and patient access implications, in order to formulate a response strategy to ensure appropriate therapy coverage and optimal patient access.

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Intelligent Insights

Our Zitter Insights Panel uses research to illuminate the complexities of market access.

BioPharma Dive Webinar
Real-World Data: Overcoming the Chasm Between Payer Policy and Real-Life Practice

October 17, 2023 | 2:00pm EDT

How can your pharma company leverage RWD to strengthen your market access strategy? Watch the webinar to learn how.

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Industry Leading Insights

MMIT offers a range of publications for pharma, payers and providers covering news, strategy and insights across the spectrum. Our in-house journalism division AIS Health provides objective news and analysis of industry trends while RJ Health provides a comprehensive look at industry updates as they apply to medically covered drug reimbursement processes.

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"We need doctors to fight the good fight so that any patient who needs the therapy can get the therapy, and MMIT plays a key role in that process. We need you to help us fulfill our mission for our patients."

Vice President of Market Access

Small Pharma Company

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"As a small company, we appreciate the flexibility and responsiveness of the MMIT team. Their customer support team has done a great job working with our new hires to get them trained on their solutions."

Mark Devlin

Vice President, Head of Market Access | Phathom Pharmaceuticals

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“Ryan [Witherington] and the team at MMIT have been great partners in our initiatives to analyze and communicate payer policy data for our product through innovative field tools, both MMIT-developed and developed by us using MMIT data. FormTrak Web, in particular, has been well-received by our field sales team and we are excited to transition to FormTrak in Veeva to streamline the process and make it an even more valuable tool.”

Director of Market Access

Large Pharma Company

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“DHP provided us a list that was stronger than what we typically begin with, which, in turn, lowered the amount of time spent on payer that didn’t fit our profile.”

Erin Studstill

Vice President of Operations and Technology | MarketLauncher

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"Throughout my 10 years in market access, I've been exposed to most of the top solutions, at times simultaneously. I've always found myself turning to MMIT because of their products' ease of use and data integrity."

Jai Persico

National Account Executive | Neurocrine Biosciences

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