Lab Data for
Commercial Targeting

Effectively Target Providers Using Accurate, Comprehensive Lab Data

MMIT’s Lab Data for Commercial Targeting provides a proactive, economic, precise, and comprehensive solution to help manufacturers promote their therapies to specific providers using lab test results before a diagnosis or prescribing decision is made.

Get your commercial team in front of providers, before a diagnosis is made or a medication is prescribed.

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Scale of Data

National coverage with top health systems and three of the four top commercial labs.

Clinical Transactions
US Lives
Diagnostic Test Results per Month

How We Help

MMIT's Lab-Based Alerts provide real-time precision targeting for sales and marketing teams to enable personal and non-personal promotion execution across high-value HCPs and hard-to-reach patient populations.


Physicians who are ordering select diagnostic tests so you can proactively target them with brand promotions.


Field sales teams to prioritized physicians based on weekly testing alerts.


Patient incidence rates to testing rates by ZIP code to identify physicians who require education on relevant testing.


All providers (NPIs) who are testing and diagnosing positive patients.

Real World Data Triggering

MMIT is now able to offer timely and comprehensive real-world data. Combining our Claims Data (refreshed weekly) and Lab Data (refreshed daily), we provide field sales teams and their programmatic advertising agency partners with aggregated alerts for proactive physician targeting and patient identification before a prescribing decision.

These proactive alerts can aid pharma companies in prioritizing specific specialty physicians who have the highest potential to prescribe your therapy because they are in the process of diagnosing and treating a target patient.

Claims and Rx Data

MMIT's medical and pharmacy data allow companies to define a patient cohort, including date of diagnosis, time to treat, cost of care, treatment team and length of treatment.

Lab Data

MMIT's Lab Data tracks critical events such as biomarkers and targeted therapies, disease progression (cancer antigen testing), and adverse event management.

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