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Gain competitive intelligence, optimize patient assistance, and understand patient/office staff perception

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Patient Reimbursement Database

Client Use Case #1: Find Financial Assistance Programs for Specialty Drugs Quickly

  • Optimize patient assistance process with a single portal that includes copay coupons, foundations, PAPs and other assistance programs for specialty drugs
  • Stay on top of foundational level updates across the industry as new program information becomes available

Client Use Case #2: Gain Competitive Intelligence On Other Specialty Pharmacy Strategies

  • Understand how your program compares to competitors
  • Measure performance across the industry to determine where your reimbursement programs are strong and where they can be improved

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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Client Use Case #1: Benchmark Specialty Programs by How Satisfied Patients Are

  • Leverage the most comprehensive set of specialty pharmacy assessments and validated research
  • Gather unbiased insights that help your team understand how different specialty pharmacies compare

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Office Staff Satisfaction Survey

Client Use Case #1: Arm Your Team with The Physician Office Staff Perspective

  • Gather honest, actionable insights from key office staff stakeholders to understand key differentiators across programs
  • Identify nuances in office staff perception and how changes to your specialty pharmacy program can impact overall satisfaction

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