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Solving the what and why of market access.

For nearly two decades MMIT has been solely focused on solving the “what and why” of drug coverage, and has been a trusted, go-to-market partner to pharma companies, payers and providers. We believe that patients who need lifesaving treatments shouldn’t face delays because accessing drugs can be confusing. As the leading provider of market access data, analytics and insights, our expert teams of clinicians, data specialists and market researchers provide clarity and confidence so that our clients can make better decisions.

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We’re a high-growth and fast-paced company with an entrepreneurial spirit that thrives on collaboration. No matter what role you’re in, we encourage you to create your own path and make an impact.

Because we believe that a happy employee is a successful employee, we’re proud to offer new time-off benefits that allow employees to maintain their work/life balance, including: volunteer time off, maternity and supplemental leave benefits, and enhanced vacation policies such as an open vacation policy and floating holidays. We also schedule town halls to provide regular updates on the company and hear everyone’s feedback, provide opportunities for people to move in all directions throughout our organization, and respect the choice to work remotely or in person. These are just a handful of the benefits we offer!

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MMIT is a trust-based culture with a one-team, one-company mentality. Learn more about the leadership team here.
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Employee Stories


Yana Faykina
Director of Advisory Services, MMIT

Yana Faykina is the director of Advisory Services for MMIT. Her team helps clients glean the maximum value from their insights subscriptions. They act as thought partners for our clients, helping them to tease out key intelligence from the research and contextualize these findings within the market dynamics. Read More...

Steve Callahan
Director of Advisory and Insights

As the Director of MMIT’s Advisory and Insights team, Steve Callahan connects with clients to understand their high-priority business questions. His team conducts primary and secondary research that provides clients with the actionable intelligence they need to resolve their challenges and grow their business. Read More...

Allison Korbich
Director of Solution Consulting

After 22 years with MMIT, Allison Korbich has been a first-hand witness to several seasons of rapid growth and change. As the Director of Solution Consulting, Allison manages the company’s solution consultants, facilitates the creation of client-facing messaging, and supports new product development and enablement across the entire commercial team. Read More...

Lou Lombardi
Director of Product Management

Lou Lombardi is the director of product management for MMIT’s sales and marketing product line. He collaborates with the development team to create innovative new solutions, working closely with services and operations throughout the development lifecycle to ensure that clients’ needs are fully met. Read More...

Wendy Montella
Product Marketing Manager

Wendy Montella is a product marketing manager at MMIT. As part of the larger product team, Montella supports the commercialization of new products by creating go-to-market strategies and ensuring MMIT’s commercial teams are set up for success when selling new products. She also partners closely with MMIT’s marketing team to convey new product messaging, support impactful marketing campaigns and develop internal and external communications for product releases and enhancements. Read More...

Elizabeth Rolla
Director of Product Marketing, MMIT

Elizabeth Rolla is a director of product marketing at Norstella’s MMIT, joining the company in April 2021. She works closely with the product management team to commercialize MMIT’s new products and releases across all channels, helping to inform our product enhancements. By conducing Voice of Customer interviews, Rolla works to understand client pain points and unmet needs to shape new value messaging around MMIT’s solutions. Read More...

Chris Sharp
Regional Vice President of Sales, MMIT

Chris Sharp is a regional vice president of sales at MMIT, serving as a point lead for pharma accounts — from large to small — since 2017. Read More...

Cheryl Jessen
Area Vice President of Enterprise Pharmaceutical Sales, MMIT

Cheryl Jessen is the area vice president of enterprise pharmaceutical sales at MMIT, working with some of our largest clients. Joining the company in March, she focuses on driving Norstella’s newest products, expanding our solutions into current enterprise customers and coaching our sales teams. Read More...

Ankita Behl
Product Engineering Manager, MMIT

Ankita Behl is a product engineering manager at MMIT, a Norstella company, first joining the data services team in 2018. She works with leaders across MMIT’s product, operations and technology teams to review new product designs and features, analyze cost implications and oversee that every requirement for MMIT’s products is met and vetted as supportable by MMIT data. Read More...

Nidhishant Dixit
Senior Data Intelligence Analyst, MMIT

I joined MMIT as a referral from a friend from graduate school. I think what attracted me to MMIT is the people here. I come from a software and technology research background, and I worked in multiple domains previously, but when I got my Master’s degree at SUNY Buffalo, it gave me more exposure to health care and its research domains. So MMIT felt like a good fit for me and I’ve been loving it since day one. Read More...

Eva Danieli
Senior Director of Global Business Development, Norstella

Eva Danieli is the senior director of global business development (BD) for Norstella, the parent company of MMIT, Evaluate, Panalgo and The Dedham Group. She leads a team of 20 business development representatives (BDRs) at MMIT, Evaluate and Panalgo. The BDR team, based in Boston, London, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, uses sales enablement technology to create awareness around Norstella’s brands and products. Read More...

Dinesh Kabaleeswaran
Vice President, Advisory and Insights

Dinesh Kabaleeswaran is the vice president of advisory and insights at MMIT, leading and developing strategies for his team to deliver insights on market access challenges to pharmaceutical manufacturers. MMIT’s advisory and insights product suite includes PAR Insights, Message Monitor, Managed Care Index, IDN Formulary Insights and Rapid Response, among other solutions. Read More...

Julie Mohammed
Associate Manager of PAR

Julie Mohammed is the associate manager of PAR [policies and restrictions] Insights at MMIT, a role she’s held since her promotion in January 2022. She leads PAR Insights’ data production and quality control efforts, producing 50 to 60 reports per month, and is currently training her team of four on integrating content work into their process. PAR Insights provides context and understanding into how policies and restrictions impact a therapy’s overall patient access position. Read More...

Prerna Mittal
Client Success Manager

Prerna Mittal has been a client success manager at MMIT since May 2020. Joining us from IQVIA, Mittal works with a variety of pharma clients, serving as their main point of contact for all things MMIT. Read More...

Amanda Milko
Product Analyst

Amanda Milko is a product analyst at MMIT. She ensures product management has the tools they need to function and collaborate efficiently. Read More...

Carl Humes
Vice President of Client Services

Carl Humes is MMIT’s vice president of client services, joining the company in April 2021. He is responsible for all client implementation and support, leading the advisory, market research, client delivery services, data intelligence, client support and bridging teams. Read More...

Katherine Maggs
Account Executive, RJ Health Solutions

Katherine Maggs is an account executive for RJ Solutions at MMIT, serving in the role for the past six months. RJ helps pharma clients approach new drug launches and assists with indication, code and price changes. RJ also provides data solutions to payers and providers. Prior to this role, Maggs held a position on the business development team for two years, where she supported the vice presidents of strategic accounts. Read More...

Katherine Dodier
Manager of Market Research

Katherine Dodier joined MMIT in 2019, after the acquisition of market research firm Zitter Health Insights. As the manager of market research panels, her team recruits pharmacy and medical directors in decision-making roles at managed care organizations, integrated delivery networks and specialty pharmacies to take surveys for MMIT’s pharma clients. With her team, Dodier works to build relationships with panelists and deliver their valuable insights to our pharma clients. Read More...

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