Strategic Launch Report
and Evaluate Forecast

Predict Payer Uptake of New Drugs With Precision

MMIT Strategic Launch Report provides drug manufacturers with a realistic view of payers’ coverage adoption rates and utilization management within the first year post-launch.The report is paired with consensus forecast data from our partner, Evaluate, for currently approved and pipeline agents within the target indication, to help you identify competitors and challenges and proactively plan your near- and long-term strategies.

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Predict one-year uptake of a pipeline agent.



Outline payer and channel segmentation and identify slow and more restrictive payers and PBMs across various channels.



Perform launch scenario analysis for appropriate analogs to identify what led to their respective uptake curves.



Complete the picture of how medical exceptions and market demand impact sales post-launch.


How We Help

Strategic Launch Report and Evaluate Forecast can help commercial teams produce more accurate forecasts of launch activity, even in new indications and those with a lot of pipeline and/or competitive activity and limited payer coverage.


Highlight potential obstacles from new drug launch policies.


Correlate analogs’ policy uptake with sales volumes to get a complete picture and set realistic launch expectations.


Identify scenarios when agents with more restrictive or slow policy uptake still experienced sales uptake or vice versa.


Through color commentary from Evaluate and MMIT syndicated reports, understand the reasoning behind what payer did vs. what physicians did.

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Evaluate and MMIT united in August 2021 to offer customers a unique and comprehensive data solution offering both analytical and predictive data insights across the entire drug life cycle. London-based Evaluate is a leading provider of commercial intelligence and predictive analytics to the pharmaceutical industry.