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P&T Perspectives:

Understand P&T Perspectives Ahead of Major Market Events

The significant cost of bringing a drug to market must be recouped quickly at launch. Payer access is the biggest barrier to success in today’s environment. Exposing potential obstacles with honest and actionable insights from P&T decision-makers is critical to building a successful strategy to overcome payer objections.

P&T Perspectives provides deep, qualitative feedback to inform pricing, health outcomes research, sales strategy and account management resource allocation ahead of major market events, such as drug launches.

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Solving market access challenges is all we do.

Recent Syndicated P&T Sessions

February 8, 2020

Multiple Sclerosis: Payer session focused on Vumerity, ofatumumab and ponesimod

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Multiple Sclerosis

Diabetes: GLP-1

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Client Use Case #1: Gain Real Insights from P&T Committees on Your Brand

How do I understand P&T behavior ahead of my launch?
  • Provides a “fly on the wall” experience of how an actual P&T committee would review the new agent
  • Mimics real-world conversations and provides unbiased feedback
  • Allows you to watch remotely and features a dedicated Q&A session
  • Learn from session material developed independently by health plan employed clinical and contracting pharmacists
Use P&T Perspectives to:
  • Simulate your target health plan and IDN P&T through a 90-minute live-streaming session
  • Witness with a real (not mock) P&T meeting to evaluate your brand’s potential barriers and prepare for launch
  • Understand how health plans are running cost analyses on your brand or competitors
  • Learn from autonomously developed session material and clinical dossiers to inform brand strategy
  • Stay ahead of P&T reactions to changing guidelines, loss of exclusivity and launch market events

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