P&T Perspectives

Real People.
Real Knowledge.

Exposing potential obstacles with unbiased and objective insights from P&T decision-makers is critical.

MMIT P&T Perspectives provides qualitative and tangible feedback through a simulated P&T session that informs your brand’s strategy and enables you to understand how your product and/or competitor’s product will fare in an actual P&T Committee review.

Use P&T Perspectives to:

  • Simulate your target health plan and IDN P&T through a 90-minute live-streaming session
  • Witness a real P&T meeting to evaluate your brand’s potential barriers and prepare for launch
  • Understand how health plans are running cost analyses on your brand or competitors
  • Learn from autonomously developed session material and clinical dossiers to inform brand strategy

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P&T Perspectives helps:

  • Learn P&T mindset around events within my therapeutic category.
  • Understand contracting scenarios that a P&T committee will respond to.
  • Recognize how a health plan or IDN may evaluate costs for my brand or competitors.

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