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Specialty Drug Reimbursement Newsletter | January 2023

RJ Health, an MMIT company, delivers industry standard specialty drug pricing, coding and reimbursement solutions to support payer and provider alignment.   

Every month, our team evaluates a variety of pricing and coding updates. In the December edition of the Specialty Drug Reimbursement Newsletter, we identified 110 drug code price changes this month, with 34 of them being price decreases. We have also identified drugs to be added or updated within our database. Preview some of these insights below:  

This month, during our review of the 3532 Reimbursement HCPCS/CPT® Codes in our system, we identified 110 Drug Codes that required a recalculation of their AWP Code Price.  Log in to to view the pricing updates for these codes.  

90284 A4216 A9571 E0607 J0800 J1627 J3245 J7328 J9307 S1091
90376 A4231 A9582 J0132 J0841 J1650 J3399 J7352 J9395 S5561
90619 A4250 A9591 J0330 J0883 J1746 J7030 J7503 P9045
90691 A4253 B4100 J0594 J0884 J2270 J7040 J7608 Q0175
90697 A4256 B4149 J0597 J1040 J2280 J7186 J9015 Q2054
90702 A4259 B4150 J0599 J1165 J2310 J7194 J9033 Q2055
90713 A9512 B4153 J0604 J1453 J2370 J7197 J9118 Q4170
90714 A9516 B4154 J0690 J1459 J2543 J7212 J9171 Q4190
90734 A9547 B4157 J0692 J1559 J2787 J7294 J9202 Q4249
A4206 A9548 B4160 J0694 J1561 J2800 J7300 J9218 Q9957
A4208 A9558 B4161 J0696 J1580 J2805 J7314 J9266 S0156
A4215 A9570 C9254 J0716 J1610 J3145 J7318 J9281 S0178

ReimbursementCodes was designed for organizations like yours to manage pricing, coding and clinical challenges related to specialty drugs. To gain access to this tool and view the rest of the insights we captured this month, visit our site or contact 

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RJ Health Clinical Team

RJ Health Clinical Team

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